Oil Sharing Kit

Oil Sharing Kit

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This is the perfect kit for the entrepreneur who wants to get started sampling and sharing the oils straight away OR the business owner who has a shop front and wants to start stocking oils for their customers.

The Oil Sharing Kit contains:
15ml OREGANO: Immunity + Digestion
15ml LAVENDER PEACE: Calm + Sleep
15ml CITRUS BLISS: Uplift + Inspire
15ml ELEVATION: Joyful + Happy
15ml CILANTRO: Cooking + Detox Heavy Metals
15ml GRAPEFRUIT: Sugar Cravings + Cellulite
15ml FRANKINCENSE: Cellular Health + Youthful Skin
15ml WILD ORANGE: Clean + Uplift + Cooking
15ml AROMA TOUCH: Massage + Tissue
15ml BALANCE: Ground + Calm Overwhelm
10ml PAST TENSE: Tension + Sleep
15ml SMART + SASSY: Sugar Cravings  
15ml LEMON: Detox, Cleanse & Focus

15ml TEA TREE: Cleanse, Nails + Hair
15ml PEPPERMINT: Energy, Focus
15ml DIGESTZEN: Digestion & Congestion
15ml LAVENDER: Sleep, Calm & Soothe

15ml EASY AIR: Ease Breathing, Snoring

15ml ON GUARD: Winter Health + Immunity
5ml ICEBLUE: Discomfort

Cap Stickers For Common Oils (5 Sheets)
Sample Keychain 8-Vial (Black)
Introductory Packet & Enrolment
    FREE Petal Diffuser 
    FREE Fractionated Coconut Oil

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      A membership is an obligation-free wholesale customer account which gives you access to the whole doTERRA range online. You receive your own personal log-in details and can purchase everything at 25%- 55% off for 12 months. 

      There is no commitment to any ongoing ordering or on selling, simply enjoy the oils at wholesale prices for your families health and wellbeing

      You also get extra savings just by starting with a starter pack + you get me to support you on your wellness journey

      You will hear from me once you purchase your pack and ill also have a welcome pack in the post to you within 24 hours.

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      Because you are purchasing through me, I become your support person for all your oily questions. You get access to my VIP online support community + you will receive some extra goodies in the mail from me.